China-Africa Story
China-Africa Story

My story with China: Where the heart goes, action follows (4)

Writer:Gohi Bi Foua Claude Alain Date : Nov.30, 2023

My Chinese dream 

Everyone has dreams, no matter Chinese or foreigners. In order to realize their dreams, people work very hard, seeking different ways to see their own dreams come true. From the day I heard about China until the day I started to understand it, I had this aspiration to complete my studies in China, I had a Chinese dream inside of me. Alongside the professional knowledge learned in China, I also have the chance to experience local customs, witness the stable social state and strong national security of China, and try to understand the development path of a socialist country with Chinese characteristics. Over the years, I have experienced the rapid advancement of Chinese technology and noticed the constant improvement of the people's happiness index. It could be heaven on earth if you think about it. I will never forget the unspeakable impression that I had when watching the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games on TV. About 3,000 Chinese young men dressed in ancient costumes, performing the 3,000 disciples of Confucius and reciting in unison Analects of Confucius. The famous Chinese saying "All Men Are Brothers" resounded above Beijing National Stadium (also called “Bird's Nest”), expressing the enthusiasm of the Chinese people to welcome friends from all over the world. I studied chemical engineering technology in China for many years.

I like doing scientific research in China. The rapid development of technology in the country motivates me to improve and keep moving forward. There are many academic exchanges taking place in China, giving me the opportunity to exchanges ideas with internationally renowned engineers. China is a welcoming country, and the degree of openness and acceptance to foreigners is constantly improving. It become much easier for foreigners to come to China to study, work and settle down. I love the culture, cuisine and people of China. I am emotionally attached to the country. I think, only foreigners who have actually been to China know what a real China is and what China's strength is all about. On the paths of my life, I will always remember the original goals and intention, as well as Chairman Mao's fighting spirit, and focus on scientific research and teaching. I think only by working hand in hand with others, a bright future will be built, regardless of your role as a leader or common people.


About the author:

Gohi Bi Foua Claude Alain, an Ivoirian scholar, came to China to study the Chinese language in 2010. After obtaining his PH Degree in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology in 2018 at Xiangtan University, Hunan Province, Alain became a visiting scholar at Temple University, US. He has been teaching English, French and Chemical Engineering at Panzhihua University, Sichuan Province since 2018.

Alain has received great outcomes in scientific research projects. His project relating to high-quality construction of industrial transfer was listed as one of the major projects sponsored by Panzhihua Social Science Fund 2020. As a copy editor of International Journal of Materials Science and Applications (IJMSA), Alain has published more than 20 research papers on international journals including Polymers,Bioingineering,Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology,American Scientific Publishers, ect.

He is rewarded with Chinese government scholarship for 6 consecutive years, and named "Distinguished Overseas Student in Hunan". Alain is also keen on charity and has been offering monthly support to UNICEF program in funding the delivery of essential services and care for children in need.