China-Africa Story
China-Africa Story

My story with China: Where the heart goes, action follows (3)

Writer:Gohi Bi Foua Claude Alain Date : Nov.30, 2023

My Chinese love 

My time in China have been an important period and a turning point in my life. In China, I met leaders who care about me, and I make friends with classmates who work hard and always ready to help me. In my work, my leaders took meticulous care of me and my friends regarded me as member of a family. Deep down in my heart, China is no longer a foreign country, but my second hometown. I always like to travel to different cities and scenic spots and enjoy China's famous rivers and mountains. I went to Shaoshan to discover and experience the "Red Culture"; I went to Xiangxi to learn more about the culture of China’s ethnic minorities; I also traveled to metropolises such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu to witness the development of China's economy and urban civilization. I have been to the Northeast China to watch "Er ren zhuan", a performance featuring local folk dance and song from Northeast China. I also like to watch crosstalk skit and other forms of Chinese art performance. In northwest China I enjoyed the spectacular views of the vast grassland; whereas in Sichuan, southwest of China I saw pandas, a very cute animal known as the national treasure of China; I also admired the beautiful landscapes of Jiuzhaigou and tasted delicious Hot Pot cuisine; in Guangxi I enjoyed the beautiful landscapes of Guilin mountains and rivers; in Wuhan, Hubei province I saw the impressive architectures built during the times of the Republic of China(1912-1949). Each part of China has different characteristics. I admire China's ability to successfully integrate different ethnic groups into a strong nation without interrupting their different cultures. Learning the cultures of different regions of China has made me a more inclusive, tolerant and open-minded person.

China has advanced urban areas and relatively backward villages. Some children in rural areas have never left their villages, they have never met a foreigner nor knowing anything about foreign culture. Therefore, I launched a campaign called "Foreign Teachers sharing culture in the countryside", taking a group of overseas students to teach in local primary schools including those in Daliang Mountain Yi autonomous region in Sichuan province. In class, we told students about foreign countries, and traditions and cultures of Africa, America and Europe. This has given them the opportunity to experience multiculturalism and cater to their interest in learning English and share the dream of traveling around the world. The world is inherently diverse, therefore, I always encourage my Chinese and African friends to learn from each other.


About the author:

Gohi Bi Foua Claude Alain, an Ivoirian scholar, came to China to study the Chinese language in 2010. After obtaining his PH Degree in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology in 2018 at Xiangtan University, Hunan Province, Alain became a visiting scholar at Temple University, US. He has been teaching English, French and Chemical Engineering at Panzhihua University, Sichuan Province since 2018.

Alain has received great outcomes in scientific research projects. His project relating to high-quality construction of industrial transfer was listed as one of the major projects sponsored by Panzhihua Social Science Fund 2020. As a copy editor of International Journal of Materials Science and Applications (IJMSA), Alain has published more than 20 research papers on international journals including Polymers, Bioingineering,Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology,American Scientific Publishers, ect.

He is rewarded with Chinese government scholarship for 6 consecutive years, and named "Distinguished Overseas Student in Hunan". Alain is also keen on charity and has been offering monthly support to UNICEF program in funding the delivery of essential services and care for children in need.