China-Africa Story
China-Africa Story

My story with China: Where the heart goes, action follows (1)

Writer:Gohi Bi Foua Claude Alain Date : Nov.30, 2023

Since I love China with a strong and sincere desire, I embrace my "Chinese destiny", embark on my "China road", build my "China-Africa Dream" and develop my "love for China". Only by setting foot on China can we truly and profoundly perceive that the people-centered Communist Party of China (CPC) has never forgotten its original aspiration. I have spent more than ten years in China, and here are what I witnessed: the powerful and sustained progress of China represented by the introduction of 5G technology; "China’s Aspiration" represented by the building of a Sino-Africa community with a shared future; "China’s Elegance" represented by the building of a beautiful and environmental-friendly China; "China’s Force" represented by the unity of all people in the face of disasters and the fight against the epidemic; the emergency evacuation of overseas Chinese in case of danger as a representative of "Chinese Solidarity"; "Made in China" represented by independent technological innovation such as the high-speed railway; "China's Expertise" represented by the construction of the space station; "China's Attitude" represented by cooperation based on one-China principle; "China's responsibility" represented by active responding to the challenge of global climate change; "China's Strength" represented by comprehensive poverty alleviation and high-quality development. In the era of knowledge economy in the 21st century, guided by the Scientific Outlook on Development, China continues to adhere to self-reliance and self-improvement, while realizing win-win cooperation in order to achieve the first centenary goal. Based on CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilization, China constantly adheres to low-carbon development, global innovation, and strives to build a beautiful China centered on harmony between humanity and nature. The national development strategy and its outcomes fully demonstrate that the CPC and the Chinese government have never forgotten their original aspirations and continue to do what is necessary for the good of its people.


My China road

I am GOHI Bi Foua Claude Alain, from Ivory Coast, a beautiful seaside country in West Africa. During my childhood, I always heard tales about China's long history and dragon culture. The historical stories, traced back to Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty, Qin Dynasty as well as in modern times, fascinated me. I was so impressed by the revolutionary stories where Chairman Mao Zedong led the Chinese people to overthrow the old forces and established a new China. With the arduous struggle of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC), a magical force was rising in the east of the world. I constantly learned about China on TV programs and heard stories told by Chinese people working in Abidjan. I also had the chance to watch the performance by Chinese art troupe in Abidjan. Therefore I somehow believed that there was a special and interesting bond between my life and China. I even believed in my Chinese dream. With my admiration for Chairman Mao, I came to China in 2010 to study in Xiangtan, Hunan province, the hometown of Chairman Mao. In addition to professional cultural knowledge, I also wanted to learn and experience the origin of China's “Red Culture” which showcases a rich revolutionary spirit and tells profound stories about revolution and construction in China in the century since the founding of the CPC. After obtaining my master degree, I pursued doctoral studies under the same mentor. During my study, I always have the belief to take the mission to promote African and Chinese cultures. In order to strengthen mutual learning between Chinese and African civilizations, I organized a Chinese and foreign cultural exchange program called "THE WAY WE ARE" which serves as a platform for international students and Chinese students to better understand each other's culture. After obtaining my doctorate, I managed to find a job in western China, more precisely in Sichuan. I seized this opportunity offered by the University of Panzhihua to take my first step in teaching. Later I pushed forward my career development by devoting myself to the cause of education which requires a lot of responsibilities. The Chinese government fully supports the national strategy of bringing together global talents. Fortunately, the talent introduction policy of the Sichuan government and Panzhihua University have offered me a platform to realize the value of my life. I took a new start of life at Panzhihua University and became a very fulfilled person.



About the author:

Gohi Bi Foua Claude Alain, an Ivoirian scholar, came to China to study the Chinese language in 2010. After obtaining his PH Degree in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology in 2018 at Xiangtan University, Hunan Province, Alain became a visiting scholar at Temple University, US. He has been teaching English, French and Chemical Engineering at Panzhihua University, Sichuan Province since 2018.

Alain has received great outcomes in scientific research projects. His project relating to high-quality construction of industrial transfer was listed as one of the major projects sponsored by Panzhihua Social Science Fund 2020. As a copy editor of International Journal of Materials Science and Applications (IJMSA), Alain has published more than 20 research papers on international journals including Polymers, Bioingineering, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, American Scientific Publishers, ect.

He is rewarded with Chinese government scholarship for 6 consecutive years, and named "Distinguished Overseas Student in Hunan". Alain is also keen on charity and has been offering monthly support to UNICEF program in funding the delivery of essential services and care for children in need.