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Communication & Cooperation

“New Trends in the Arab-Israeli Issue and Its Impact“ academic seminar was held in Beijing

Date : Aug.21, 2020

On August 20, 2020, the "New Trends in the Arab-Israeli Issue and its impact" academic seminar was held in Beijing. Researcher Yang Guang, president of the Chinese Middle East Society and director of the Gulf Studies Center of the CASS, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Researcher Wang Lincong, deputy director of the IWAAS, presided over the opening ceremony and the first period of the theme academic seminar. Researcher Tang Zhichao, Director of the Political Research division of IWAAS presided over the second period of the theme academic seminar.

In the first session: Li Chengwen, Ambassador for China-Arab Forum Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Li Shaoxian, Dean of the Chinese Academy of Arab Studies at Ningxia University; Yin Gang, researcher of the Institute of West-Asia and Africa Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Science IWAAS; Dong Manyuan, researcher of the China Institute of International Studies; Wu Yihong,Researcher of Xinhua News Agency World Issues Research Center; Tang Zhichao, Director of the Political Research division of IWAAS, and Wang Nan, a senior reporter of the People's Daily.

Speakers in the second period of the theme academic seminar are: Niu Xinchun, Director of the Middle East Institute of China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations; Ma Xiaolin, director of the Institute of Mediterranean Studies, ZheJiang International Studies University;Yu Guoqing, researcher of IWAAS; Wang Suolao,Deputy Dean of Peking University Institute of Area Studies; DingLong,deputy Dean of School of Foreign Languages, University of International Business and Economics, and Wang Jian, Director of the Information Centre of IWAAS. Experts conducted in-depth discussions on topics such as "the motivation and impact of the normalization of the relationship between Israel and the United Arab Emirates(UAE)", "the attitudes and positions of each country on the normalization of the relationship between Israel and the UAE", and "new changes and future trends in the Arab-Israeli issue" . Participating experts expressed their insights during the heated discussion, and made judgments and predictions on the future trend of the Middle East situation. Finally, researcher Yang Guang ,former director of IWAAS made a concluding speech.

This seminar is sponsored by the Chinese Middle East Society, the Gulf Research Center and IWAAS. And co-sponsored by Climbing the Peak Strategy Contemporary Middle East Studies Research Group,The project team of "Research on Hot Issues in the Middle East", the project team of "Studies on hot issues in the Middle East" of IWAAS, "Great Powers and the Middle East" project team of IWAAS and the "China and Middle East Countries Economic, Trade and Energy Relations"project team of IWAAS.

Experts and scholars from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the people’s Republic of China, China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, China Institute of International Studies, Peking University, University of International Business and Economics, Ningxia University, ZheJiang International Studies University, Taihe Think Tank, and  IWAAS more than 30 scholars attended the academic seminar.