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Academic Activities

The 18th China Lecture held in Burkina Faso

Writer:An Ni Date : Mar.25, 2024

The 18th China Lecture, co-hosted by China-Africa Institute (CAI) and Center for the Study of Documentation and Economic and Social Research (CEDRES), Burkina Faso was successfully held in the capital city Ouagadougou on March 10, 2024. Victor Sanon, Executive Director of the CEDRES; Mr. Wang Wenzhang, Charge d'Affaires of Chinese Embassy in Burkina Faso delivered speeches at the lecture themed "The stories of Chinese Medical Teams aiding Africa".

Professor Li Xinfeng, executive president of the CAI, and Gilda Compaoré, head of the Communications Department of the CEDRES presided over the lecture. The event was attended by more than 40 people including members of the 6th batch of Chinese medical team in Burkina Faso, experts, teachers and students, officials of the Ministry of Health and members of the media.

The 18th China Lecture

Victor Sanon extended his warm welcome to the CAI delegations and stressed the importance of exchanges and cooperation between China and Burkina Faso. Mr. Wang Wenzhang expressed his gratitude towards the CEDRES for organizing the event, and hoped this lecture could help local people to better understand the health cooperation between China and Burkina Faso.

Member of the Chinese medical team in Burkina Faso is delivering a speech

In his keynote speech, Doctor Chen Daohu, head of the Chinese medical team in Burkina Faso made an detailed introduction about the achievements in medical and health exchanges and collaborations between China and Burkina Faso. He said, the Chinese medical teams have carried out free surgeries for two sessions, helping a total of 396 cataract patients restore sight. They also donated a large number of pharmaceutical drugs and medical equipment to hospitals across Burkina Faso every year. In addition, the acupuncture and moxibustion therapies have helped many African patients relieve chronic pains and overcome functional disorders.

Doctor Chen told a story about Ma Lan, a doctor from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Hospital of Wuhu city in Anhui Province, and a member of the Chinese medical team in Burkina Faso. Her first patient was a 80-year-old man with high paraplegia. His family decided to choose rehabilitation instead of surgery as the treatment, so they went to see Doctor Ma to have a try. The patient was treated with TCM therapies including acupuncture, cupping, electropuncture, moxibustion and auricular therapy. Unexpectedly, the treatments were proved to be effective as the old man was able to walk on his own with walking aids rather than sitting on a wheelchair. The TCM therapy works like magic, bringing the old man hope to a new life. He even said he would like his grandson to go to China and study TCM.

Doctor Chen said, the Chinese medical teams will continue to work with local medical workers to provide sound health services for people in Burkina Faso. They will strive to promote mutual learning, common development and win-win cooperation in health collaborations with Burkina Faso, in order to jointly build a China-Africa community in healthcare.

The 18th China Lecture

Wang Caixia, a young interpreter for the Chinese medical team in Burkina Faso said, she decided to stay longer in the country to provide interpreting services after finished her first term, because she was deeply touched by the close friendship between the Chinese medical team and the local people.

The patients they encountered ranged from 4 months to 80 years of age, many of them have not yet been cured despite of seeking treatments for a long time. One of the patients who suffered from migraine for 7 years said to the Chinese medical team, "You are my last hope". Thanks to the precise diagnosis and targeted treatment plans made by the Chinese medical teams, the patient’s pain was largely relieved. It is the African patients’ genuine smile and thankful works that kept members of the team moving forward in helping the locals.

Wang Hongyi is delivering a speech

Wang Hongyi, associate research fellow of the CAI said, Chinese medical teams have been working to strengthen medical aids in Africa by sending its medical teams to the continent, bringing out fruitful results for China-Africa health cooperation.

At the lecture, participants also had a discussion on topics such as how China’s experience could help Burkina Faso in its healthcare development, the health cooperation projects and future cooperation between the two sides.

Professor Li Xinfeng expected that the lecture could help more African people to learn about stories of Chinese medical teams saving lives and helping the wounded in Africa, so as to strengthen China-Africa friendship, and promote health cooperation between the two sides. He said, in collaboration with the CEDRES, the CAI will enhance academic exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and African thinks tanks, and promote mutual learning between Chinese and African civilizations.

Prof. Li Xinfeng is presenting Victor Sanon the book "100 Cases of Targeted Poverty Alleviation in China I-III" (French Version) edited by the CAI

The event was reported by local mainstream media organizations including Le Quotidien, Sidwaya, L'Express du Faso and Faso 7.

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