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Academic Achievements

Research Reports on the Elimination of Poverty in China - Yanchi County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture

Date : Jan.05, 2024

Research Reports on the Elimination of Poverty in China - Yanchi County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture

    Zhang Fenglin, Wang Lincong


    Yanchi County,Ningxia,is located at the junction of Shaanxi,Gansu,Ningxia and Inner Mongolia,and on the south edge of the Mu Us Desert.It is an old revolutionary base area and national poverty-stricken county.Even in a long period,Yanchi County is the representative of remote and poverty-stricken areas.

    The poverty alleviation way in Yanchi County has gone through five stages: construction of“Three-Xi”(Hexi,Dingxi and Xihaigu)(1983-1993),“double-hundred”priority poverty alleviation(1994-2000),1000-village poverty alleviation(2001-2010),poverty alleviation for millions of poor people(2011-2015)and targeted poverty alleviation(2016-2020).Through the unremitting efforts of several generations,Yanchi County successfully achieved poverty relief.In particular,since the Eighteenth Congress of the Communist Party of China,Yanchi County has thoroughly implemented the general strategy of targeted poverty alleviation and poverty relief proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping,taken the full resources of the county to change poverty,found the right way for priority poverty relief,firmly established the main responsibility,well aroused the endogenous power of the poverty-stricken masses,coordinated the implementation of ten projects of industry poverty alleviation,financial poverty alleviation,photovoltaic poverty alleviation,poverty alleviation through science and technology,ecologi cal poverty alleviation,foundation improvement,etc.By focusing on the development of Tan sheep,pasture,Chinese medi cal herbs,minor coarse cereals,daylily and family-run small variety industry suitable for farmers to increase their income,strengthening the industry to stabilize the income increase,consolidating the foundation to make up for the weakness,and building a mechanism to ensure the basic life,Yanchi was successfully removed from the poverty list in 2018,becoming the first county in Ningxia.

    In this report,it is believed that under the leadership of the Party and government,the people in Yanchi County successfully have put the poverty alleviation and relief way with Chinese characteristics into practice,created a great miracle in priority poverty relief,and fundamentally changed the histori cal features of Yanchi.Experience of Yanchi in the priority poverty relief: Yanchi County has made major decisions and arrangements for priority poverty relief as per the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China strictly,implemented ten projects of industry poverty alleviation,financial poverty alleviation,photovoltaic poverty alleviation,foundation improvement,etc.,taken the weak link of fund shortage in the industry development of the poverty-stricken masses as the breakthrough of poverty alleviation,innovated and conducted the mutual financial poverty alleviation microfinance work such as mutual funds,rating and credit granting and construction of four-credit platform,to comprehensively construct the social credit system and create the credible society;innovated the guarantee mode,leveraged the development funds of several times through combination of“mutual funds”and“1000-village credit”,enlarged the coverage of the rating and credit granting system for registered poverty-stricken households;and innovated and implemented the“poverty alleviation insurance”,to solve ten difficult problems of registered povertystricken households,including loan difficulty and poverty returning due to diseases and disasters,and form the Yanchi mode with unique features.

    The significance of Yanchi model lies in full exerting politi cal,institutional and policy advantages,adopting comprehensive measures,increasing the intensity of priority poverty relief,and constantly consolidating the foundation by“teaching people to fish”,to truly block intergenerational transmission of poverty from the source and channel,and completely change the backward appearance of poverty areas.At the same time,Yanchi County has consolidated and improved the poverty relief results,and adhered to the policy of insisting on responsibilities,policies,supporting and supervision after getting rid of poverty and being removed from the poverty list and combining the poverty alleviation and implementation of rural revitalization,so as to truly strengthen the county-level economy and enrich the peasants.

Key Words

    Priority Poverty Relief,“Three-Area”,Poverty Label,Yanchi Experience