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Academic Achievements

Research Reports on the Elimination of Poverty in China - Yan‘an City, Shaanxi Province

Date : Jan.04, 2024

Research Reports on the Elimination of Poverty in China - Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province

    Yan Lianfu, Li Xinfeng


    On May 7th, 2019,Yan'an announced to the world it had alleviated poverty.This achievement marked the culmination of the project whereby Yan'an upheld poverty alleviation as the economic and social development goal of the city and implemented General Secretary Xi's “giving full play to two obvious advantages”and“cracking down on one prominent problem”[1].Yan'an has a population of 2.26 million with a GDP of 155.891 billion yuan,and an average per capita income of 22,357 yuan[2].Yan'an has orchestrated a historical turnaround from merely being able to feed and clothe its citizens to eliminating absolute poverty,and it now embraces prosperity.

    As the holy land of the revolution,Yan'an was once desolate and barren with yellow sand and dust.The area has been repeatedly described by UNESCO as“unfit for human habitation”.So,how on earth has Yan'an realized poverty alleviation?

    This report concludes that in the light of the Yan'an Spirit,Yan'an has implemented poverty alleviation with Chinese characteristics and created as massive uplift.

    Poverty reduction in Yan'an has gone through four phases.From 1935 to 1949 was the Yan'an Period when the Central Committee of the CPC initiated the practice of poverty reduction.From 1949 to 1978 saw the practice of the Early Period of the Founding of the People Republic of China.From 1978 to 2012 saw the practice of the Period of Reform and Opening-up.Since 2012 till now,is the Period of targeted poverty alleviation in the New Era.

    Yan'an has submitted 6 solutions for poverty alleviation.Satisfactory achievements have been made in solving regional poverty,increasing economic strength,improving infrastructure,enhancing the ability to shake off poverty,realizing overall transformation and improving the ability of sustainable development.

    Yan'an has developed seven effective measures for poverty alleviation.They are as follows:the organization of poverty alleviation has been vigorously secured;solid progressin targeted poverty alleviation has been made; poverty alleviation funds have been effectively integrated;poverty alleviation through industrial development has blossomed in an all-round way;poverty alleviation through industrial development has led to green mountains and people's richness;forces of social poverty alleviation has brought together and poverty alleviation through spiritual improvement has been uprooted.

    Each district and county in Yan'an hasmanaged its own coups in poverty alleviation.In battling the poverty,the 2 districts,1 city and 10 counties of Yan'an prefecture have developed their own unique way to alleviate poverty.Each place has witnessed its own success stories.

    Poverty alleviation in Yan'an is of great significance.The practice of poverty alleviation in Yan'an represents a microcosm of the historical achievements China has made in the cause of poverty reduction,of targeted poverty alleviation,and of green poverty alleviation,as well as that of the sustainable poverty alleviation in the Chinese old revolutionary base areas.The practice of poverty alleviation in Yan'an has set a shining example for the world.It has written a glamorous page for building the shared future for mankind.

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