Academic Achievements
Academic Achievements

Towards Building the Highland of People-to-people Exchanges between China and Africa (1)

Date : Apr.02, 2024

Towards Building the Highland of People-to-people Exchanges between China and Africa

An Anthology of "Three Lectures" of the China-Africa Institute (No.1)

Edited by Li Xinfeng, Deng Yanting



Chinese President Xi Jinping's Congratulatory Letter to the Inauguration of the China-Africa Institute/1

China Lecture

The 1st China Lecture: China's Practices and Achievements in Poverty Elimination/5

The 2nd China Lecture: Poverty Alleviation Stories of Xi Jinping/27

The 3rd China Lecture: Experience and Enlightenment of Development of Shenzhen Economic Zone/47

The 4th China Lecture: Stories of Defeating the COVID-19 Pandemic of African University Students in Wuhan/64

The 6th China Lecture: Poverty Alleviation in China/86

Africa Lecture

The 1st Africa Lecture: Peace and Security of the Horn of Africa/97

The 2nd Africa Lecture: Peace and Security in the Great Lakes Region/128

The 4th Africa Lecture: Apply Novel and Digital Technologies to Fight COVID-19 in Southern African Network During Lockdown/183

The 5th Africa Lecture: The 20th Anniversary of the Founding of the FOCAC/236

The 6th Africa Lecture: The Ancient Civilization in Africa/267

The 7th Africa Lecture: Archeology of African Agro-Systems/282

Ambassador Lecture

The 2nd Ambassador Lecture: The 20 Years of the FOCAC—Retrospect and Prospect/309

The 3rd Ambassador Lecture: Algeria's Relations with Other African Countries and China/316

The 6th Ambassador Lecture: 50 Years of China-Nigeria Relations/330

The 7th Ambassador Lecture: Xinjiang in the Eyes of African Ambassadors to China/348

The 8th Ambassador Lecture: Deeply Cherishing the Memory of His Excellency Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda,Founding Father of Zambia/358

The 9th Ambassador Lecture: Poverty Alleviation Achievements in Xinjiang in the Eyes of African Ambassadors to China/370

The 10th Ambassador Lecture: My Footprints in Africa and Career as a Chinese Diplomat/379

The 11th Ambassador Lecture: Achievements and Significance of Yan'an Poverty Elimination/386

China-Africa Think Tanks Forum

The 9th Meeting of the China-Africa Think Tanks Forum/401